My name is Sasha Jordan Appler, and I have created ApplerFilm (AF) to pursue my dream of working in a field that I love, and providing a product that I can be proud of. AF thrives on a curiosity that stimulates passion. A curiosity for what is, and a passion to create what could be. I have implemented a hybrid philosophy to provide the most creative production possible. I mix the stunning visuals of major motion films, the direction and content of a documentary, and the concision of a corporate video to produce my own brand of cutting-edge videos. With me, you're going to have the strengths of all different styles of film, and a willingness to think out-side a pre-conceived notion of what your video 'should be'.

ApplerFilm is always pushing for a higher level of creativity, which means never setting any limits. With AF, anything is in the realm of reality. I am always researching the newest technology to implement in my work, allowing your video to reach the highest levels of creativity. With new technology such as 4K resolution, and the ability to provide aerial shots, 'No' or 'can't' will never be a response to a creative vision.

For me, every aspect of the production has to be a home-run to be considered a success. This is why I'm so excited about some new partnerships. Sticking with my commitment to community, I have joined up with some of my favourite local musicians, and designers. Every video project has a unique feel; the custom music and design is specifically tailored for you. Under my close direction and collaboration, we aim at capturing exactly what it is that makes your video uniquely yours, and adding that 'wow' factor.

The entire production is completed in-house, which gives me a unique ability to execute every aspect of the creative concept that I have created with you.

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